Lena Feygin (scientist, Psychometrist/Therapist/Coach)


Lena has 20 years of experience in psychological and coaching services, education, and communication.

Areas of Expertise: Typologies/Psychometrics; psychologist/coach; lecturer; corporate trainings; strategy and development of leaderships; quality of life program development for employees and companies as whole; development of communication programs for diverse groups; team development; human resource development; educational program development; parenting program development.

Corporate Clients include: “9.8 Group”; “Global Logix Solutions”; “weMultiply”; “Global Advertising Strategies”; “New York Women’s Agenda”; “Franklin career Institute”, “LaGuardia College”, "Sberbank", “SIBUR” and others in education, investment and psychological industries. 

Since 1994 Lena resides in New York city with more of a presence in Moscow in a recent year.

Since 2002 until now Lena’s focus is on the development of new psychological typology methodology - [psy-to-nomics], that she has used in her work, in both corporate agenda and in private practice. Her private practice has global reach, working with individuals and companies in Mexico, Mongolia, Norway, Austria, France, UK, Russia, Switzerland and the US to name a few. Her customers range in their goals and objectives as well as their age.  

In 2014 she became a managing partner at Meaning Formation Laboratory a company that focuses on the development of new communication instruments, corporate educational programs with focus on intra and inter personal relationships. 

In 2018 she founded a Relationships Research Institute, an organization that focuses on instruments, products and methodologies related to science of psychology and psychotherapy, psycholinguistics, psychogenetics. The main objective is to provide therapists, teachers, parents, and their children with viable instruments for diagnoses and further implementation into their everyday life. 

Education: Currently a PhD candidate with Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. Lena graduated Fordham University (NY, USA) with a degree in Psychology and a London School of Life Coaching. She is certified to administer and interpret over 15 psychological/psychometric tests. Additionally, Lena has received her MBA from Carey School of Business, Johns Hopkins University (USA)

Relationships Research Institute