[psy-to-nomics] experiencing the world through psychological typologies

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A psychological typology methodology. Built on the notion of multiple-intelligence, where the world is 4-dimensional with 8 intellects, and each individual is born with inborn qualities (personality traits) that are comprised of the combination of these intellects. Moreover our surrounding shapes the length and width of each intellect. 

An intellect is a combination of personality traits, specific behaviors, thought structures, and potential neurosis as a negative life scenario. 


As with self-discovery, we understand that not every diet created equal, and not every diet is suitable for all. Determining your personality is just the start, figuring out what works for you diet wise and excersize wise is really the way to a healthier lifestyle.

I, Myself and Me / Family and Children

Self-discovery process can be challenging and confusing. With so much information being thrown at us daily, it's easy to get lost. Let's evaluate this information together, structure it and determine its applicability to you.

And if you have a family and children, it is important to understand and see them as well. Family dynamic both internal and external




When you are building a business or evaluating your leadership style it is important to understand the cause and effect. What motivates you? How does that motivation translates into the company values and what is the mentality of your organization. 

Here we will evaluate and read through a variety of cases. 


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