Part 3 - The Types

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Let me start off by reminding you that an individual is a complex structure, a combination of intellects, which means a combination of desires and ambitions, conflicts and emotions, movements and apathies. We are similar at times in our inborn tendencies, we are different in our development and in tiny little nuances of these cross configurations of our intellectual properties. 

Yet, here, we will take a look at the properties of each individual intellect. Since in the beginning of time each one played a specific role that guaranteed the survival of the tribe, we are going to look at these roles and examine our pre-destined archetypes. 

The King - Revolutionary Intellect

Did you, for some reason, thought that King is old and just keeps up appearances, not this King. The King is young and rebellious; he got his crown using his wit and ability to think different. In that different take on things, in this different thought process, we see Revolutionary intellect thriving and flourishing. It is the transition from horse and carriage to a car engine, a truly disruptive innovation that has no way of looking back. All directions are geared toward the future. 

First off let us say that there are not too many Kings to be seen in the world. Nature simply doesn't need many to guarantee a survival of the group. You need just one, the One, that will take the responsibility for its group and will take the group into the future. In our case, where we migrate and move around it is as a nominal group, what I as a King consider My group. 

Secondly, many of these Kings don't make it into adulthood, given their adventurous nature and low sense of danger. Many die before or during puberty in accidents, doing extreme sports, or from drug use. Not a pretty picture, but a realistic one. What can we say; it is difficult to be the King. 

Basic Characteristics

Archetypal function is to continue the life of the group into the future time 

The Kind lives in the Time dimension, responsible for the Future Times, and s/he is an Extravert

The King as a Leader

How does the King thinks:

·       Outside of all norms, as children we find completely new solutions to trivial issues, as adults we create disruptive innovation

·       Tactics is another strong suit in our thinking

·       Lack of Logical or Systematized ability to structure information

·       High unpredictability in the thought process

·       Innovative and inventive thought processes

·       Spontaneous and very quick to react

·       Although s/he is extremely flexible in his/her thought processes, it comes with inability to stop or step back, with only the desire to move forward. This intellect doesn’t have mechanisms to step back, only to move forward, s/he doesn’t feel the ability to step back, it is not how Revolutionary intellect is built. This is a hurdle, since it is perceived as too much Pride. 

The King – I am not bothered by my looks; I am driven by my desire to move forward, so forgive me for not being neat and my hair not combed through. My life priorities revolve around my Group and the Future. I never leave anyone indifferent; you will either love me or hate me.

I am born with the notion of freedom; it is internal and comes with the absence of a sense of ownership. Even I don’t belong to myself, but rather being sent to this world to serve a higher purpose that will guarantee the survival of my Group. I don’t feel, nor do I understand socially imposed restrictions. I am free and the words “No” or “Can’t” are not something that I can process. In everything, I do, my desire grows with every next step. 

I am born with a natural charisma and when as a child I come to the playground, all other children come around me and want to follow me. I never organize my group or ask anyone to follow me, it happens naturally. A pack of wolves does not vote for a leader; leadership is natural and understood.

As a Leader, I am the Change and the Head of the business. I can never have a Boss or someone I have to report to. I can’t conform to the norms of society, I don’t feel nor do I understand who sets the rules. This is my only flaw as well as my great pride. I don’t live in the past or in the now; I live in the future. I don’t believe in authorities or experts, I am the only authority or expert that I need. And I am constantly coming up with new ideas on how to better this world and my Group. I am altruistic and charitable.

I have high energy, inborn tolerance, and an acceptance of others. 

A word of caution, I can boast about my conquests and there can never be two Kings in one kingdom. 

My motto: “The whole world relies on you”

The King as a Leader – Great visionary with a forward-looking approach, who is not bothered by details and mechanics of the business. Big picture all the way. 

Working with the King – You can only work with the King if you buy into his/her vision of the future and are ready to serve the King, pledging to the Kingdom s/he builds. Your focus on detail will create the necessary foundation for these dreams to come true, but you will have to create your own rules and company policies since the King cannot be bothered by such minuscule tasks. This is why he needs The Prince.

The Prince - Logical Intellect

The King can be great if s/he has a strong Kingdom, and what Kingdom can survive without an entrepreneur?  Meet the Prince, a very responsible young fellow or lady, a true manager, and a leader. If you know how many books have been written about this Prince, his qualities and success stories, as well as his flaws. Most of the books written about business are written about Prince and the Craftsman, but when it comes to leadership styles we are most definitely referring to the qualities of the Prince. 

The Prince lives in the now! Today is now; now is this minute; this minute is my drive. Life is movement, there is no time to be shy; these are the postulates of our life. 

Basic Characteristics
An archetypal function is to restrict and control the Group. The Prince makes sure that there is enough food saved for the survival of the Group, therefore creation and restriction is the basic function guaranteeing survival. 

The Prince lives in the Space dimension, responsible for Constraints that are created for the Group, be it laws, regulations, or rules. 
The Prince is an Extravert.

The Prince as a Leader

How the Prince thinks: 

·       Cause and effect chains is the dominant way of thinking

·       Logical intellect implies logical thought structure

·       Flexible and adaptive thought process

·       Quick comprehension of complex concepts, coupled with selective memory, where we only remember the information that we consider important for whatever reason, and the rest is forgotten almost instantly

·       Tactile memory and memory for numbers. Here we remember the numbers but won’t remember faces or names.

The Prince – I am the most adaptable of them all. I have the highest ability to lead and to be led. I invented the corporate ladder I myself gladly climb. Discipline and responsibility, especially personal responsibility, is something I cherish. 

You won’t get much information about me, but I will ask you everything about you. I am an extrovert and I like to speak. My speech is filled with acronyms and I often eat the ends of my words. 

I care about my career, saving money, and health. Most often in a conversation, I will ask – How much was it? Why do you need it? What are you going to get from this? I have to check all action, to make sure that motivation is there and that something is done to achieve tangible results. 

As a Leader, I am very reserved, and I can overcome any difficult situation, and make decisions quickly. I am ambitious and I appreciate ambition in others. I have an internal sense of rhythm and time, therefore I am never late and I don’t appreciate lateness. If you want to be on my good side – Do not be late. In some instances, I’d rather be an hour early and be upset about wasting time, rather than being late. 

I am a business; everything in business is about me. My flaw is that I try to take small wins and lose big due to the lost perspective of things. This is exactly why I don’t really like the King with his/her Big Picture Vision where you take “all or nothing” approach.

I invented “sales” and “savings”, I restrain and control spending like no other. 

At the same time I am also “saving” on my emotions, so don’t expect me to say “thank you” or give praise often. 

In general, I am fit, healthy and enjoy active sports, so a great way to bond my team is to get everyone to run a marathon together or go to a yoga retreat, or hunting. 

I am the best leader and manager but given my shortcoming in forgetting an information I don’t consider vital, I need to rely on the skills and qualities of Professionals or as we call them the Craftsman. Without them, I can’t move forward. 

The Craftsman - Analytical Intellect

The Craftsman lives in a Time dimension and is responsible for Past Time. Everything that happened in the past is of interest; I want to take it all apart into simple, individual facts and then piece it all together again. I am the Professor, the professional who knows the subject in depth, down to the smallest detail. A beautiful craftsmanship comes from skills; skills can only be developed over time and based on already existing practices. Repetition is the mother of learning!
I live in the past and I rely on facts! How can you argue with facts?

Basic Characteristics
The Craftsman is responsible for the accumulation of knowledge from the past and passing of this knowledge into the future. S/he is responsible for the preservation of tradition, culture, and information from the past and for passing it to the next generation. Analytical intellect is the cornerstone of learning and accumulation, as well as the systemization of information. 
The Craftsman lives in the Time Dimension, the introverted side of it. 
It is important to say introversion does not imply being alone, but it is that state of mind when with a friend you can find comfort in silence. 

The Craftsman as a Leader

How the Craftsman thinks: 

·       Analysis of collected data, and in-depth subject knowledge

·       Systematic and analytical approach 

·       Non-flexible thought process that relies on facts and existing data

·       Slow but an in-depth understanding of information.  Information absorbed and understood will be stored forever. We remember and rely on our memory for the smallest details. 

·       Impeccable memory, photographic at times, can often recite verbatim.    

The Craftsman – I need to take my time to adapt to a new environment. I am much more comfortable in my own space, that I will call home. The notion of Home plays a vital role for my comfort and well-being. 

I have the highest ability to analyze data and to be the professional a company needs to help build or create. I am a perfectionist! Being a perfectionist can be a positive, in that I make sure work I do is well done and thorough, but at the same time, it is a negative, as my competitors will bring their half-done products to market quicker than I can ever hope to. 

I will only speak if I know the subject. Small talk is not my strong suit. 

Don't expect a lot of peace and quiet from me, unless it is deserved. Accuracy and perfection are what I am looking for in my team and in myself.  Leading collaborative work is my strong suit. 

My life priorities are family, home, and friendship, but my workplace becomes my second home and my teammates become my family. Sometimes I build or take part in a family business because of the family factor, and will do it with pleasure. 

Although it takes time for an individual to gain my trust and become my “family” once you are “in”, I will be your friend for life. 

When I speak I use a lot of citations and references to existing sources and to authorities (those that I consider authorities and who have my respect). When asked for my opinion on a performance, I will structure my sentence in the following way “you did great, BUT you could do this and that better”. A lot of the times we are misunderstood and these expressions are interpreted as criticism while we are coming from a place of perfectionism and only wish for them to excel and do better.  This kind of thought expression often leads to conflicts and can be interpreted as criticism. Craftsman should be aware of this possible misinterpretation and separate the two thoughts into separate sentences. This approach will prevent de-motivation for certain team members. 

I always speak the “truth”; my version, perception, and opinion of it. I am sure that all Craftsman will say something like “there is only one truth”, but in reality, there are different interpretations of a fact that has to be considered in business and in life.  

As a Leader, I am straightforward and have a tendency to teach my subordinates everything I know (passing the knowledge). I make my decisions slowly and often get stuck if stressed. Often in this situation, I will rely on the team’s decision to move forward, but that may not always be the case and I can stay in this state for a while. I don't accept or adapt to change easily; it can take me a while. I appreciate accuracy and attention to detail in everything, including the way you present yourself; a sloppy dresser may be a sloppy worker, so tidiness and accuracy are vital. 

I am craftsmanship; I am all about detail and perfection. My flaw is sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. But I will have a Prince as a friend to get me unstuck and to help me move forward in difficult situations.  Although I am effective in operations, IT, and where a large quantity of data needs to be assessed, I am really not a good salesperson. 

I love bicycles and swimming recreationally, but my main hobby is reading (listening, watching, etc) 

I am a good and effective leader where collaborative work is needed, but given my shortcomings in my ability to make decisions or adapt to a changing environment quickly, I need to rely on the skills and qualities of the Prince. Without them, I can’t move forward. 

In general, I have a tendency to get just a little lazy on a weekend, laying on a couch with an interesting book, or bonding with my friends over a game.

The Warrior - Physical Intellect

The Warrior lives in a Space dimension and is responsible for Internal Space. I am the best worker when it comes to monotonous work; I love hard work where I need to physically engage. I live as I am taught and I do what I am told. To me there is no I in TEAM, there is only the groupthink and I will agree and follow through on the decisions made in my group. I am the best when it comes to physical strength, this is where I thrive, I rely on my group and derive pleasure in monotony. 

Basic Characteristics
The Warrior is responsible for the hunting and thus has the highest ability to “kill” both figuratively and literally. Today, we don’t see Warriors in the city; their preferred landscape is village and suburbia. But when they are employed they are able to take any routine work and perfect it. Physical intellect is the cornerstone that guarantees our survival, they are the workers that don’t question the authority but rather obediently follow the instructions. 

Quiet and reserved, hardly ever contributing more than a few words to a conversation, we have the internal knowledge of physical things; we understand the true meaning and nature of the physical essence of the world surrounding us. 

The Warrior as a Leader

How the Warrior thinks: 

·       Monotonous and repetitive tasks are where I feel most comfortable

·       Physical works bring me pleasure

·       There is no “I” in my thinking, but rather “WE” and therefore I think as part of a group

·       I am unable to make decisions on my own but am the best teammate you can ever want 

The Warrior is not a Leader, but rather a great worker. Unfortunately, all too often we get promoted to a management position where we fail due to our inability to lead and make decisions. 

Rule of thumb, you won’t find me in a city environment working a corporate job. I am much more comfortable in suburbs working in the fields of agriculture, construction, landscaping etc. 

But before you dismiss me as an unacceptable Leader, remember an army does not consist of generals alone, it needs soldiers. 

In general, I am fit and healthy, and have a great potential in sports, so in my downtime you can find me in a gym, boxing, doing heavy weight sports or simply working the garden in my house. 

The Artist - Visual Intellect

In the world of beauty and fantasy lives the Artist. A kingdom is nothing without a vision, a beautiful and thriving picture of where we are all going. I am a true visionary; I have the fantasy and the ability to see and to believe in the bright future of the company. I will need the Prince (my managers), the Craftsman (my expert), and the Warrior (the executor), to make this beautiful vision of our success a reality. I see the bigger picture, bright and colorful! I am the essence of a corporate culture, or ethics (supported by my Craftsman of course) and of life itself including corporate retreats, team building and much more. I am the head of Marketing, PR or HR, my imagination allows me to bring the business to new heights. Marketing as an industry exists only because I exist in this world, Art and Literature exists because I exist in this world, I add emotion and color to the world that surrounds us. 

Life is beauty, and beauty will save the world, love those around you and bring kindness whenever you go; these are the postulates of my life. 

Basic Characteristics
An archetypal function is to be the daily guardian of the Group. The Artist can differentiate so many colors and shades that I can easily spot danger crawling through the woods. 

The Artist brings peace, love, culture and hopes to the Group. Where would we be as a society without hope for a brighter and better future? This picture of a bright, colorful and happy future comes from the Artist. 
The Artist lives in the Information dimension, spreading information, we speak a lot and when we speak we speak beautifully. 
The Artist is an Extravert.

The Artist as a Leader

How the Artist thinks: 

·       Visual intellect thinks in images, in objects. If I can imagine it in my head as a picture I can make this thought a reality.

·       Visual intellect brings a vision to the business, a positive outlook toward the future; if we build the company, complete the project, etc. 

·       I can quickly fill in aspects of the project that are unknown to me, brainstorm into different scenarios and draft different pictures as an outcome.

·       Kindness, love, social responsibility and philanthropy are the postulates that I want to incorporate into my corporate agenda

·       I remember faces, situations, and scenarios.

·       The Artist thinks in terms of packaging, marketing, and PR.

The Artist – I have the ability to inspire, to package our product or service and to make it appealing to the outside world. I really want to do good to those around me. I can get carried away with the creative process and will rely on my Princes, Craftsman, and Warriors to keep me in check and to create the substance of the business. 

I love telling stories and fantasize about the future. I love presenting what I do in the best possible light to make it as appealing as possible. I am an extrovert and am filled with stories that I am eager to share. My speech is beautiful, I use a lot of adjectives to describe things.  

As a Leader, I am very welcoming, the door to my office is open for you and I’ll be happy to chat with not just my subordinates but their staff as well. I want to see the people who work for me and to hear their feedback and their experiences with the company. 

My only shortcoming is excessive emotionality. Visual intellect necessarily comes with a lot of emotions, with the highest emotional amplitude of them all. This means that theater, acting, movies, art does not exist without The Artist, but it also means that I can laugh and cry freely, yell and be empathetic and that can be both a positive and negative in business. Another issue is that I can have a tendency for suggestibility if I trust a person that is my advisor, I will fully believe him/her. 

In general, I am beautiful, healthy and enjoy site seeing for those beautiful pictures, painting or museum exhibitions, movies, etc. So don’t be surprised with an offsite meeting.

The Philosopher – Abstract Intellect

Meet The Philosopher; a tall, slim and a very reserved young wo/man. For everyone else, there is the world inside and the world outside, for me there is only the world inside of me. I have been thinking about the world for as long as I can remember. Where did we come from, is there God, and how did it all come to where we are now? 

I bring depth and meaning to everything I do, but I will stay reserved and keep to myself if I don’t absolutely have to interact with anyone else. Without me, there wouldn’t be physics, abstract art, philosophy, theology and much more. I am the ultimate introvert. Sometimes when asked a question I will respond with “Huh? Are you asking me?” not because I didn’t hear you, but to get a moment to change my mode and to come out from my shell and engage.

Basic Characteristics
An archetypal function is a night guardian of the Group, I can hear many different sounds, much more than any other and therefore I can hear someone crawling through the night and save my Group. In our lives today, I am the one who stays up at night working through the wee hours, and who is definitely not a morning person. Don’t invite me to a 6,7, 8, or even 9 am meeting, you won’t find me productive at this hour, rather sitting there with my eyes glazed over, almost peering inside myself. 

I bring depth and abstract understanding of concepts I bring a science. Coupled with a Craftsman I bring scientific innovations. 

The Philosopher lives in the Information dimension and is a deep Introvert whereby I find serenity in quietness. 

The Philosopher as a Leader

How the Philosopher thinks: 

·       I am beyond financial or status gains, I work in science for the sake of science, discovering how the world is put together, and what meaning it has.

·       I can think and analyze very complex formulas and business issues

·       My thought process revolves around human being, spirituality, philosophy and meaning in all of its forms

·       I am able to process large and complex data and piece it all together even if it comes in an intangible form

The Philosopher is not bothered by adapting to the environment, rather the environment adapts to the strength of this Leader. You won’t see emotions on my face, and if I get upset I will only get quieter and almost whisper in my conversation with you. I won’t join large groups and endless meetings. Human interaction is not something I derive great pleasure from since people can become loud and animated. I prefer to delegate and work through my subordinates to handle the groups. 

I will provide guidance and vision that extends way beyond the physical world and that allows for the disruption of our industry.

This type of behavior can be my downfall since I don’t know every one of my employees and have no intention to. 

When I speak I don’t really pay attention to my audience, the things that I say are important enough that you should catch it all, take it in and process it. My speech is filled with “I”, because “I” is the strongest in Abstract intellect. This is where egocentrism exists.

In general, I am tall and skinny, I don’t really do sports activities, and find a great deal of interest learning things about this world through science, theology, philosophy, poetry, etc. You have high chances finding me alone with a book. 

The Rhetor – Verbal Intellect

The Rhetor is the funniest of them all, or rather someone who thinks only when they speak. My thoughts form when the words leave my mouth. Some may say I should think before I speak, but I think as I speak. I have the ability to persuade groups and place my thoughts and ideas into the heads of those around me. I possess a great talent for speaking and am the best spokesperson for the business and people I represent. 

I am your brilliant general counsel, head of public relations, lobbyist, and your walking advertisement. Life has to be colorful and tasty, and I find enormous pleasure in fine dining and bountiful conversations. 

Basic Characteristics
An archetypal function is to warn the Group about a danger. When I scream “danger” those around me first react to my scream and then process the content of it. I have the ability to change the biochemistry of your brain respond first to me and then process my words. With this I guarantee the survival of my Group should there be a danger approaching. 
The Rhetor lives in the Energy dimension. 
The Prince is a bright Extravert.

The Rhetor as a Leader

How the Rhetor thinks: 

·       Large quantities of information transformed into speeches

·       My thinking is defined by my other intellects, but work is conveyed to others via speaking.

·       I will call meetings and speak animatedly rather than send emails. 

·       I quickly grasp information and work through it verbally; at times I read emails aloud to hear and comprehend it better.

I am an inspirational Leader. I am optimistic, gregarious, funny and animated. I lead by conveying the message of the company to both the internal teams and to the outside world. Everyone always knows me and I know everyone. I have a very public persona, always and I love the spotlight. 

A potential issue is I can unintentionally blurt out a secret as part of the conversation, but planned carefully it would be just the information I wanted to drop. 

I speak a lot, and it is easy to notice me, as my speech is filled with jokes and at times profanities (where appropriate of course).

As a Leader, I am very personable, and I love to make decisions via discussion with my crew and throwing ideas around. Participate in conversations with me and you can score some points here and there.

My flaw is in my talking, it leaves little time for doing, and since I need a company to talk to, it leaves little time for doing for them as well. I am appreciative of my VPs and Managers for being able to manage the conversations and an actual work that needs to be done. At the end of the day, I will ask if things are done, and one excuse I don’t want to hear is “it is not done because we were talking to you”. Get the joke? Now go get the work done 

In general, I can get a little chubby, from all the delicious food that I love to eat, but I am also very active and love great company. In general, I don’t care what we do as long as there is a great conversation to go with it. 

The Bishop – Intuitive Intellect

None of the decision is made without me. I am the Arch Bishop, I stand at the Kings shoulder, steering him toward prosperity and success. I am the best #2 in the company. I am the person you won’t remember and the one who is like a shaman will have the most influence. I don’t have to express my opinion, just nod or say “huh, huh, ok” and you will feel my view of the situation or individual that we are discussing. I have a tendency to speak ambiguously and never be direct or specific, and yet I always seem to be on top and lead everyone to success. 

My chronic rhinitis might be annoying to you all, but it saves me from the multitude of smells that enter my body and make me suffer. Yes, I can smell you a mile away. Yet you won’t like me because of my often unappealing appearance and lack of understanding of my complex human organization.

Basic Characteristics
An archetypal function is to make sure that everyone is playing their role the Group. I steer the group toward success and away from danger, and I can sense danger ahead of time, guaranteeing a survival of the Group. Though sometimes I do look unappealing, my proximity and relationship with the King provide protectorate from the rest of the Group. 
The Bishop lives in the Energy dimension and a deep Introvert.

The Bishop as a Leader

How the Bishop thinks: 

·       I can sense the danger and the right moves

·       My thought structure is not based on facts or logic; it is driven by survival. I am the one who invented Penicillin to survive, and the Group survives with me.  

·       I am very flexible and if the ship goes down, will be the first out the door.

The Bishop – I can’t say I don’t like people, rather it’s they don’t really like me. I do suffer from the smells that surround me, the strongest of them all being the smell of a human being, so I try to stay on a sideline if I can. My motivation is in my comfort and survival, prosperity and pleasure. 

My speech is unclear and ambiguous. I don’t give specifics so you will have to think about our conversations and try to come up with your own definitive answers. As a Leader, I’ll be open to your thoughts and will direct you, guide you in the right direction, rather than give direct orders. 

I am not a big fan of large crowds and prefer not to spend a lot of time in meetings. Sometimes I think of my company as a theater where I can be a puppeteer. My presence always brings intrigue to the group so beware and listen carefully. 

In general, I am always with a running nose. I prefer to stay in and not participate in many group activities. 


Please note that types are built at large based on the System Vector Psychology but are modified further utilizing other methodologies and concepts including proprietary works of Lena Feygin and other contributors.