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Psytonomics [psy-to-nomics] is a way to experience all things in the world using psychological typologies. 

Psy - Psychological

To - Typology

Nomics - Law of (Greek roots)


Сайтономика [сай-то-номика] возможность восприятия всего что происходит в мире через психологическое типирование.

Сай - Психологическое

То - Типирование

Номика - Законы ( от Греческих корней)


About 18 years ago a group of like minded people started a movement in creating a new typology methodology. We were curious to experience the world and decrypt human behavior,  thought processes, physiological responses, communication structures, effects of the society and social implication as well as economic, organizational and government structures. To be fair, the interest toward typologies, or rather structural approach to human nature was born a long time before we thought of it, starting with Siegmund Freud, Carl Young and later the development of MBTI, FIRO-B 360, DISC, and many many others. Testing all of these different typologies we came across different challenges and finally decided to build our own. Later on we have examined various aspects of human life through the methodology and were happy to discover consistent results. Moreover, practicing in different disciplines we found that a multiple intellect typology methodology can be applicable not only to self-discovery processbut also to examining the world around us. Here we use [psy-to-nomics] as an underlying methodology. 

Many practitioners have taken on different variations of the methodology, we are presenting just one way to look at the world, and if it works for you, we would be happy to share our world with you.